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Stories Connect Us.

Freedom in Faith

Life can get complicated, but God gives us a pathway to simplicity and fulfillment through generosity. 

Lost in the Wilderness

Jerry shares a story of how he found his life to be drifting without direction, and how God revealed to him a pathway to hope and healing. 

We’ve Seen Jesus

Jesus sightings

Confirmands share their stories of how they’ve seen Jesus on their confirmation journey!

Kelly’s Story

Kelly has been a Methodist all of her life—when the church doors were open, she was there! She had a mentor who really impacted her life as a teenager and helped her find her calling in life. Here’s her story of finding her calling.

Karen’s Story

A year in god’s presence

The greatest gift Karen has ever received is her daughter, Sarah. Watch her story to see how Sarah has impacted the Gee family’s life!

The Greatest Gift

A year in god’s presence

We asked some of you the question, “What’s the greatest gift you’ve ever received?” and got some great responses. Hope you enjoy!

Terri’s Story

Though music is her passion, Terri found that life has a deeper meaning, and through her story, she helps us see the true meaning of Christ’s love!

Milton’s Story


Sometimes we look for happiness in all the wrong places. That’s what Milton did. But he found the ultimate form of joy and wants to tell us all how to find it for ourselves!


Cole’s Story

Cole share’s his inspirational story of finding himself and God’s love for him through his journey with Alopecia.  

Cara’s Story

God raises our voice from the dust when we think we have none. Cara’s Resurrection Story will touch your heart and help you see how God always brings new life out of impossible circumstances. 

Dave’s Story

Even in darkness, Dave shares how God helped him find light and joy. Be encouraged to know that no circumstances can the gift of God being with us in every moment of our lives. 

Finding Joy

Barbara & Bella

Where have you found joy in your life this year? Barbara and Bella found joy in each other’s hearts.

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