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Planning a visit to First Coppell is easy. Our hospitality team will welcome you with open arms, treat you to our First Cup coffee & pastry bar, and make sure you have everything you need to make your first visit a fulfilling one. We hope you find that being in Christian community has a profound impact on your life


You are beloved

We believe that everyone is a beloved child of God.


You belong

You belong here, and there is a place for you in this community.


You can become

This is a place where each of us can become
who God created us to be.


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Lost & Found 

The busiest time of year for lost and found departments is during the holiday season, with a 25% increase in lost items compared to the rest of the year.  In the midst of the all the activities and endless to-do lists, lots of things can go missing. But there are some losses that are far more significant than misplaced phones, keys or backpacks.  Join us for Lost and Found this Advent as we learn with the biblical faithful like Zechariah, Mary and Joseph as they discover the best gifts of the season (and life)!



Encountering Jesus