Dishing up disney magic

Cooking Camp

Cooking Camp is Back!

Join Miss Kathy for a very special week of Disney magic. Seven movie-themed recipes will fill your hearts with joy and your tummies with goodies!

It’s the perfect end-of-summer activity for children and parents, and Miss Kathy will be there with you each step of the way through some fantastic videos.

Click here for the cookbook.


from The Princess and the Frog

Tiana wants to one day open her own restaurant to fulfill her father’s dreams. Her famous beignets will be one of the highlighted treats. Her friend Charlotte (Lotty) calls them “man kissin’ beignets”.

Empire Biscuits

from Brave

Marida is a sassy young lady who thinks she knows better than her mom. When her mom eats one of the “special” Empire Biscuits” she changes into a bear. Marida finds out  that she really does need her mom.

Hi Dad Soup

from A Goofy Movie

Goofy is concerned about his son Max. While on a road trip the two get trapped in the car with only a can of Alphabet “Hi Dad” Soup. As they shared the soup, some very fond memories popped up.

Remi’s Ratatouille

from Ratatouille

Remi, the rat, is a chef who really knows how to cook from the heart. His Ratatouille completely changes the attitude of an uptight food critic.